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Request to change commercial activity

Service Description

Request for commercial activity approval

Service Duration

10 Days

Terms of Service

  • Submit plans in AutoCAD and PDF format

Service requirements

  • Identify car parking required numbers for each activity and use in the commercial activity.
  • Numbers of shops, units, and different uses shall be indicated on the plans in order to identify the required activity according to its location in the center.
  • Attach the main investor's approval to the activity change request
  • Clarification of the previous activity of the store and the new activity
  • Attach the activity final approved plan (commercial center, kiosk, multi-use center)
  • Attach a recent photo of the activity location and adjacent activities and general photo of the location or center.
  • Attach a plan identifying all activities and uses on all floors, including the mezzanine floor, provided that the type of activity in the commercial area shall be identified. In the event that the activity is residential, the number of housing units and bedrooms in each unit shall be identified. In case the activity is a multi-use building, the number of administrative offices in the building shall be indicated in addition to the area of each use.