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request of Shop signs approval

Service Description

Shop signs approval

Service Duration

5 Days

Terms of Service

  • Letters and numbers shall be embossed (3d letters) and internally or hidden illuminated, or external esthetic illumination.
  • Specify the location of the business completely in the comments box

Service requirements

  • 1- Pictures showing the proposed sign with its surroundings adjacent to the building, taking into account the consistency of the dimensions and location of the signs with the adjacent signs so they have the same height and location on the facade
  • Dimensions of the signs shall be stated as well as the sign letter size.
  • Attach a plan or a picture showing the measurements and dimensions of the facade with actual dimensions and height from the ground for considering the sign size relation to facade.
  • Attach the plan of the activity location and the places of entry and exit from outside (gate numbers shall be identified, if any, in order to link the sign number and location on the plan).
  • Identify the locations of the proposed signs on the building (which façade or gate) with remunerating each sign.