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Add outdoor tables

Service Description

Approval of Adding outdoor tables for commercial activities

Service Duration

10 Days

Terms of Service

  • Compliance with the planning requirements guide for external sessions attached to the system
  • Provide drawings in pdf or cad files.
  • Excluded from the requirements are the clarification and preparation of parking spots in sites that do not have designated places and are located within a development area affiliated with the Authority, such as kiosks located on the waterfront or the buffer zone and others.

Service requirements

  • Clarifying the height of some vertical elements in the outdoor sessions, such as umbrellas and landscaping, if any, in addition to the height of commercial panels.
  • If the building is a multi-use building, the activity in the commercial area and the number of housing units shall be clarified, indicating the number of bedrooms in the residential buildings and the number of administrative offices in the building in addition to the area of each use.
  • Clarify the boundaries and dimensions of the required outdoor seating area, explaining the method of distributing tables, chairs and the rest of the components
  • Clarify the numbers of shops, units and different uses on the plans to identify the required activity according to its location in the center, in addition to clarifying urban components such as: pedestrian paths and any visible element such as waste rooms, electricity rooms, or others in the session area or next to it
  • Clarify the parking spaces and their available and required numbers for each activity and the use of the commercial opportunity
  • Attach several recent photos that include photos of the activity site and surroundings, a general photo of the center or the general site and photos showing the places of the proposed seating.
  • Presenting 3D visual perspectives that simulate the perception of outdoor sessions
  • attach the The final approved plan
  • Provide plans that contain all activities, uses and spaces on all floors, including the mezzanine floors.
  • Clarify the elements of the project furniture, such as chairs and tables, whether they are fixed or movable, and other prominent elements