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Irrigation water connection request

Service Description

Control and organize the connection process to suit the needs of the service requester

Service Duration

10 Days

Terms of Service

  • The approval of all relevant authorities

Service requirements

  • Fill out the form available when applying for the service
  • Approval of water meter specifications by Marafiq Company
  • Attach an inspection request form approved by the service applicant (contractor)
  • Determining the water requirement and water pressure in the connection of irrigation water service and calculating the amount of water demand
  • Clarify the materials used and approved at the connection points
  • Attach the approved irrigation schedule (setting control timing for landscaping / water time for industrial use)
  • Submit a letter specifying the purpose of the water use (for landscaping use) and the time schedule for the implementation of the connection
  • Attach an approved copy on engineering drawings (IFC) and the post-implementation drawings in case (A)
  • Installing an external valve before the meter