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Request for a disclosure appointment for the purpose (issue - cancel)

Service Description

Make an investor disclosure appointment

Service Duration

1 Days

Terms of Service

  • Completion of the shop's equipment from the inside and the installation of the signboard or advertisement outside in the issuance of the license.
  • The delegate must be an official authorized and approved by the entity requesting the service and certified for signature by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Evacuating the shop and removing the shop's plates in case the license is written off

Service requirements

  • The agent's national ID.
  • Waste collection contract (with the waste collection company), if any.
  • An illustration (a sketch) of the store's location and its coordinates.
  • An external image showing the entire interface of the site
  • A picture of the shop's sign/advertising boards, including the dimensions (the advertisement means any commercial name or trademark owned by others).
  • A valid property deed or lease contract for a period of no less than six months from a licensed real estate office in the event of cancellation.
  • A valid commercial register that matches the activity.
  • The national identity card of the license holder.
  • A legitimate power of attorney or an authorization certified by the Chamber of Commerce in the event of a third party's power of attorney.