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Commercial License Renewal

Service Description

Commercial License Renewal

Service Duration

2 Days

Terms of Service

  • In case of any modifications to the commercial shop, proof of the approval of the Royal Commission on the modifications must be submitted.
  • The delegate must be an official authorized and approved by the entity requesting the service and certified for signature by the Chamber of Commerce
  • The license renewal procedures must be started no later than 45 days before its expiry to avoid the application fine
  • That the investor contracting with the Royal Commission does not have any contractual impediments to renewing the license.
  • The owner of the facility should not have any financial defaults with the Royal Commission.
  • Documents are clear and in one PDF file

Service requirements

  • Attach the national identity card of the license holder.
  • Attach the representative national identity card.
  • Attach a legitimate power of attorney or an authorization certified by the Chamber of Commerce in the event of a third party's power of attorney.
  • ارفاق عقد جمع النفايات (مع شركة جمع النفايات) إن وجد.
  • Attach an illustration (a sketch) of the store location and its coordinates.
  • Attach an external image showing the entire interface of the site
  • Attach a picture of the shop's directional/advertising boards, including the dimensions (the advertisement means any commercial name or trademark owned by others).
  • Attach a valid commercial register that matches the activity.
  • Attach an official proof of the non-Saudi investor (in addition to the investment license).
  • Attach a valid property deed or electronic lease contract of no less than six months from a licensed real estate office.
  • a copy of the valid license in case the activity is under the supervision of a government agency.