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Renting housing for the Royal Commission

Service Description

Regulating and monitoring the rental of housing units belonging to the Royal Commission in residential neighborhoods in the city

Service Duration

1 Days

Terms of Service

  • Attach a valid commercial license - for the private sector
  • The delegate must be an official authorized and approved by the entity requesting the service and certified for signature by the Chamber of Commerce
  • In case that a housing unit is requested for the employees of the Royal Commission contracts, a copy of the contract must be attached.
  • In the case of a request for a housing unit for the divorced woman, the divorce document shall be attached with a copy of the family card for the divorced woman

Service requirements

  • Attach a certificate of a joint statement of periods and wages from the Social Insurance - for the private sector
  • Attach an identification document from the employer
  • Attach the family card
  • Attach the national ID
  • Attach the financial responsibility statement
  • Attach an identification document for the husband in case the allocation is for women
  • Attach the allocation form